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In the high mountain valleys, within an environment that receives over 300 days of sunshine annually. We cultivate Chlorophill - rich greens in the mineral-laden soils of ancient lake beds.

Volcanic ash soils provide ideal alkalynity as pristine mountain runoff and high altitude clean air caress delicate sprouts as they process the elements of rich soil into complex chains of nutrients that our bodies readily assimilate. Our plants contain nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other rare elements necessary for ultimate health. Drinking our greens every day will make a noticable health difference! Our harvesting, juicing, and drying process is designed to maintain these precious nutrients and elements in the form in which they were created; a form that maximizes benefits to the human system. To that end, we employ “trade-secret” methods with proven results that you can rely on to improve and maintain peak health for you and your family .

• Grown in conditions ideal for young cereal grasses assuring the ultimate nutrient profile.
• Our young grasses are harvested at the peak moment for ultimate nutritional density
• Using our auger press juicing method produces rich green fresh juice that is packed with nutritional power
• Using PhytoLive Dehydration process makes sure that these nutritional gifts of nature are preserved in our INSTA RAW Powders for your health
• Live Whole food nutrition is lacking in today’s dietary environment. Our products address this deficiency in a healthy and delicious way.

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