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PhytoLive Dehydration Drying Process

You may know that cooking and heating over 120 degrees will destroy most of the enzymes that is the life force of food. But you may not know that in addition to having the enzymes destroyed, there is also many vitamins, phytonutrients and naturally occurring probiotic cultures that become destroyed or denatured when heated.

So what does that mean? Pasteurized food is altered much more than we realize. There is a substantial difference in the content of the nutritional components that are in the raw fruits and vegetables. After heating, they have much less nutritional value and benefit from the denatured components that are still left because they are missing an array of synergistic nutrients that have been compromised in the heating process.

The raw whole foods still maintain that synergistic balance with those hundreds and thousands of nutrient components including those live enzymes, vitamins, minerals that have not been denatured so the nutrition can work effectively in the body. It is very valuable to get synergistic nutrition into our bodies so this is why Rezealiant Living uses the PhytoLive Dehydration Drying Process.

The Rezealiant drying process starts with getting raw fresh fruits, vegetables and greens that are then washed ground and juiced through an auger or an accordion style press. We do not use any centrifuge juicing so we are able to press maximum nutrient levels. After the juice is instantly chilled to 34°F, it is then transferred to the trade secret drying process where it is drying to a typical 5% moisture powder in a total time up to two minutes (only 120 seconds). During the drying process, the juice is additionally protected with a CO2 gas shield, that helps protect it from oxidation.

Not only does it dry quickly with a natural gas shield, the product never exceeds 106°F. Additionally, the product does not even get above 65° until it is over 85% dry. As the product gets to be 65° it is becoming low moisture and starting to stabilize the chemistry of the power. This process of drying preserves the highest nutritional integrity of whole food powders anywhere..

What is the difference between the PhytoLive drying process and the process used by most whole food powders on the market?

The biggest difference is the outcome of the nutritional integrity of the product. Without going into too much detail on conventional processes like standard spray drying or freeze-drying methods they use high heat and/or taking lots of time to dry the powder.

Typically with spray drying or freeze-drying they use temperatures in excess of 130°. We know at these temperatures there is compromising of the powder, degradation and the destroying of enzymes within that process. Some of the time they are using higher temperatures to dry.

 Even with the freeze dryer which is better than the standard spray dryer, the temperatures still get to 130°. In addition to the heat, it can take up to 12 to 72 hours to dry powders in a freeze dryer. The difference in time from 12 to 72 hours is how high they are turning the temperature of the infrared heaters up to.

Now compare that process as an alternative to the PhytoLive drying process. The PhytoLive process uses no real heat. It does not exceed 106° and is drying the powder in less than two minutes. This makes it easy to understand why the Rezealiant products have better quality ingredients because it uses the PhytoLive Dehydration Drying Process.