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Poor Vitamin and Mineral Content in Produce

Shockingly there is poor vitamin and mineral content found in today's conventionally grown produce.

Since the late 1950s, the nutritional content of America's conventionally grown fruits and vegetables has declined, often significantly.

Dr. Donald Davis, a biochemist at the University of Texas, noted that the USDA tracked 13 major nutrients in garden crops from 1950 to 1999 and found 6 with noticeable declines. Of these, a 38 percent drop in riboflavin.. a 15 percent drop in iron...and a 20 percent drop in vitamin C stand out.(1)

Nutritionist Alex Jack found even more shocking evidence when he compared USDA food tables from 1963 to those of 2000, as reported in Life Extension.(2)

He found...

50 percent less calcium in broccoli and carrots...

88 percent less iron in watercress

45.09 percent less vitamin C in Spinach

51.5 percent less potassium collard greens...

66 percent less iron in apples, oranges and apricots

SHOCKING! Why such poor nutrition our produce today?

The main culprit is "mo agriculture." Today, most farmers and big food conglomerates use any means to squeeze as much produce out of an acre of land as they can. Chemical fertilizers. Manipulation of soil and seeds. Genetic engineering. Pesticides. And they have violated time-honored holistic farming methods such as crop rotation and natural pest control and fertilization.

So, over time, our soil gets stripped of nutrients, minerals and living organisms. No wonder most fruits and vegetables in America are nutritionally deficient.

"MannaFeast" addresses this problem head on. It has a proprietary drying system that locks in the nutritional content of organic and naturally-grown fruits and vegetables without synthetic vitamins, pasteurization and preservatives.

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